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Elephant Jungle Paradise Park
Elephant Paradise Park


Age: 13 years old

Sex: Female

Birth place: the Elephant Hospital, Elephant foundation, Lampang Province.

Behavior: She likes to be with people. She is well-bahaved, smart and energetic. And like in the cartoons, she freaks out when she sees a snake or a mouse.

Owner: MR. Praphan Morichad

Her story: After the forest around her village was replaced by corn fields Aura "lost" her job. For 7 years she was moved from one camp to the other and performed in tourist shows and  worked in elephant riding camps. She stayed at Mueng Kud elephant camp, Nature Camp, Panda Camp and Chiang Mai elephant camp and finally ended up at the EJPP in April 2015. Aura is still very young, she has her whole life in front of her and we want to make it better and better, every day.


Age: 1.8 years old.

Sex: male

Birth place: Huey Pak Kood , Mae Chame district, Chiang Mai

Behavior: He is afraid of dogs and cats but loves to play "catch me if you can" with his mahout and with tourists. He also loves to get his back scrubbed with mud. He is friendly with every elephant. His favourite food: banana sandwich. 

Owner: Mr. Pa Hlae Tamachat gham.

His story: Son is Maemoon's son. He is still a cub and has not attended professional training classes yet. However, he responds to some basic commands, such as "come here" and, of course, "open your mouth". 

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park


Age: 19 years

Sex: Male

Birth place: Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai.

Behavior: Despite his size he is a quite and kind of a shy elephant. He is the proper "gentle giant". He is self-confident but very peaceful. He is simply majestic.

Owner: Mr. Chooporhae Tamachatmanee.

His story: Somwang was born in 1997 while his mother Maeja was moving from one riding camp to the other. He has spent most of life riding camps such as Huey Namg Dang camp, Pong Yang camp, Panda camp, Mae Taeng camp and Chiang Mai elephant camp. In October 2015 his owner decided to take him to EJPP because he was visibly losing his strength and his health was in danger. Here, he received proper veterinary care and now he got back in shape. 

Elephant Paradise Park


Age: 22 years old

Sex: Female

Birth place: Huey Pad Kood village, Mae Chame District, Chiang Mai.

Behavior: She is friendly with both people and the other members of the herd. She must be a very cute elephant cow since she gets all of Somwang's attention. Furthermore, she is a very sweet mom.

Owner: Mr. Pa Hlae Tamachat gham.

Her story: Deforestation forced her and her owner to leave their village in 2005.  Since then she has been used for tourist rides at Mae Wang camp, Mae Taeng camp, Huey Ku Ka camp and Chiang Mai Elephant camp. After years of strenuous work her body collapsed and she was hospitilized for 3 months. Endless riding caused her severe bone, muscles and skin lesions. After she recovered she moved to the EJPP and she is part of the herd from January 2016, along with her calf, Son.

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park


Age: 65 years old

Sex: Female

Birth place: Huey Pad Kood village, Mae Chame district, Chiang Mai.

Behavior: She does not like dogs but she loves young elephants and has a nice temper.

Owner: Mr. Chooporhae Tamachatmanee

Her story: Mae Ja is the mother of three elephants at the EJPP (Somboon, Somwang, and Aura). She left her native village where she worked as a skidder, after the government banned logging industry, in 1992. Since then she worked at the Pong Yang elephant camp, Huey Nam Dang elephant camp, Sop Kai camp, Aie yang camp, Panda camp, Mae Taeng camp, Baan Chang camp, Chiang Mai elephant camp and she finally moved to the EJPP in April 2015. Mae Ja is getting old, and riding camps do not need her anymore. She also walks slowly and cannot work like before. Now, at the EJPP, she can live in peace. The camp staff is taking care of her.


Age: 25 years

Sex: Male

Birth place: Maechame District, Chiang Mai

Behavior: He is a very strong and testosteronic tuskless elephant. When he is musth, he does not want anyone to get close, except his mahout. However, for the rest of the time he is very gentle and not aggressive at all. He is a real Casanova.

Owner: Mr. Chooporhae Tamachatmanee

His story: When his mom Majea left their village in 1995, he went with her. They worked together in several riding camps such as Huey Nam Dang, Pong Yang, Mae Tang Camp, Panda camp and Chiang Mai camp. Finally, in April 2015, after 15 years of hard work he was moved to the EJPP along with his brother, his sister and his mother. 


King Paradise

Age: 6 months

Sex: Male

Birth place: Chiang Mai



Age: 2 months

Sex: Girl

Birth place: Chiang Mai


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