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Volunteer with Elephants in Northern Thailand with The Elephant Jungle Paradise Park.

We need minimum 2 volunteers to start the program. On the ground to help us carry out program on our elephants' natural behaviors, perform health checks on the elephants and teach English to our community. 

Learn about elephant conservation and become a certified elephant handler on this one-week program. Bond with your mahout, a Thai elephant keeper, as you bathe, feed, and care for your elephant throughout the week.

Cost for food & accommodation during the project, transport, and support starts at THB24,000 for 2 people. More than 2 please ask your price.

Program Highlights:

  • Work hands on with Thai elephants at an Elephant nature Park in Thailand

  • Taking elephants for a walk followed by a bath in the morning.

  • Prepare and feed breakfast to the elephants.

  • Work with the elephants and learn how to be an elephant trainer.

  • Taking care of one of the baby elephants

  • Moving equipment’s at the camp. 

  • Enjoy included city, market, and elephant hospital tours

  • Take a Thai language and Thai cooking class

  • Be comfortable in private cabins which are provided as housing for volunteers


1. Minimum Length of Stay: The minimum stay in the volunteer program is 7 days.

2. Visas: We ask that you have the correct visa or visa exemption stamp during your stay at the camp. Please be advised that the Thai immigration department no longer allows back-to-back visa exemptions. If you are not a Thai citizen or resident, we recommend that you apply for a tourist visa in your home country or in a Thai embassy or consulate outside of Thailand. The exact requirements of the visa and the length of time you will be able to stay in Thailand depends on your country of citizenship. Kindly contact your home embassy or consulate directly for further information.

Please note that we do not issue invitation letters for non-immigrant visa applications. Visa rules and requirements are subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information we recommend that you check the website of the Thai consulate or embassy in your home country and the Thai Ministry of Foreign affairs website.

Payment and cancellation:

  • You must pay deposit 40% for the booking

  • You may cancel up until 7 days prior to your first booking date and we will pay back booking fee.

Special groups (10 people up) for camping or learning, ark for special price, please email directly to us...  E-mail :


"This was one of the best experiences of my life. My expectations were blown away by  the community and homeliness shown by both the professionals and volunteers."


                                                                                                        - Sam, USA, 29



"An experience that both tested me and opened my mind. The initial meeting with the  elephants really broke down barriers and brought me out of my comfort zone, into a  great place!"


                                                                                                    - Thomas, AUS, 19



"Spending time with these amazing animals really made me realise how close we are to  them. Challenging yet rewarding, this experience really opened my mind to the        elephants' world."                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                          - Lucy, UK, 23







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