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Would you like to meet and befriend members of a local tribe, as well as their elephants, which have recently been rescued from riding and logging camps? 

Elephant Jungle Paradise Park offers visitors the chance to support an ethical, cruelty-free organisation while interacting with these amazing animals in their natural habitat. Trek through the jungle to find small groups of gentle elephants as they roam free in their beautiful surroundings. The full day tour option offers you the intimate experiences of feeding and bathing elephants, as well as assisting in the creation of organic herbal medicine to improve their health.

Our professional tour guides encourage you to learn the history, habits, and language of the elephants, and interact with them in a personal and loving way. Lucky guests may even experience an elephant returning their affection in the form of a hug or kiss with their trunk! Help apply a muddy elephant cosmetic treatment, and join them for a swim in a river fed by an idyllic waterfall to finish off a magical day spent in an untouched natural environment.


Have you ever wanted to live 'off-the-grid' for a week? Are you interested in learning about organic farming and bamboo craft? Volunteers at the Elephant Jungle Paradise Park have the unique chance to support a local Karen tribe as they manage this newly opened sanctuary and care for their elephants. The elephants were rescued from riding camps and are now able to live freely and happily in the jungle with their family. After spending time with this relaxed jungle community, you will be able to commuicate with, feed, and prepare medicine for the elephants. Various workshops will assist you in gaining knowledge and skills in areas such as agriculture, bamboo craft, construction, gathering food, and cooking. Nestled amongst the picturesque forested mountains of Northern Thailand, and surrounded by working rice fields, tribal villages, and farming communities, the Elephant Jungle Paradise Park offers volunteers and visitors not only the opportunity to interact with gentle rescued elephants, but to glimpse an authentic area of Thailand, far from the stresses and illusions of mass tourism.

Pick up your buddy come together because this program start with minimum 2 volunteer . The expense for 2 is THB 24,000. Want to have this great experience, please contact!

“Shared a fantastic day with my husband celebrating his birthday with the beautiful gentle elephants. Entertained all day by our guide machete , fab food cooked fresh for our lunch with refreshments after showering!. The elephants seem extremely happy and don't seem to mind us cooing over them, there is no riding or using hooks which obviously adds to their relaxed temperaments. Best shower in the world. Would definitely recommend this trip. ” 

—  Tracy Mennim-Moulding

20 % of charges will be used to

  • Support and assist the elephant hospital in Lampang

  • Marginalized and displaced children from fighting along the Thai-Burma border.

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